Programme 2017

Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum 2017

June 15, 2017, Arora Hotel Crawley

The Gatwick Diamond – the next 15 years

At this, the fifth annual Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum, and as we approach the 15th anniversary of the coining of the name “Gatwick Diamond”, and with the Government considering a new place based, and locally led, industrial strategy, it was time for a serious review. We used the opportunity to look forward at how our economy might develop in the future, with the benefit of an immense amount of information delivered by two reports which benchmark our performance against the rest of the UK.

The snapshots these reports provided delivered deep understanding about the past, present and future of the Gatwick Diamond economy, and how we might influence that future for the better.We saw for the first time some important new research about the state of our regional economy, the opportunities for growth and improvement, and how we might best exploit them.

These inputs sparked much debate about how we can move forward, together, which was fuelled further by contributions from senior business figures, and local and national government.

Collaboration will be essential – how can public and private sector come together to drive a better Gatwick Diamond economy?

8am Registration, pastries, and networking

9am Welcome from the Chair – Daryl Gayler, Natwest

9.10am Keynote: How is the Gatwick Diamond? Paul Swinney, Centre for Cities Download this presentation

The Gatwick Diamond Initiative, Gatwick Airport, and Coast to Capital LEP have recently undertaken some research with the Centre for Cities looking at the Gatwick Diamond economy from a number of angles and comparing it with other similar size regions around the UK. We hear how the Diamond matches up, and will understand our areas of strength on which we can build, and areas where we can improve.

9.40am Keynote: The view from Gatwick – Stewart Wingate, CEO Gatwick Airport

How can we grow our regional economy, and how can the Airport assist? As well as responding to the new research from Centre for Cities, we will hear how the Airport can help create jobs across the Diamond, and how we can help make its effect greater.

10.15am A view from the Diamond – Rosemary French, CEO, Gatwick Diamond Initiative

The Gatwick Diamond Initiative, one of the organisations who commissioned the Centre for Cities Report, give their response.

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Measuring the success of the Gatwick Diamond. Download this presentation

The Economy should benefit society as a whole, taking into account not only financial growth and economic return, but also a wider set of characteristics. Hear how the Vibrant Economy Index measures the current position of our 8 local authority areas across six baskets of socio-economic indicators, to provide an indication of the vibrancy of the area. Our panel will, with the help of the audience, debate and share a vision for how Public, Private and Not for Profit organisations in the Gatwick Diamond can collaborate to advance the economy of our region and generate growth and community resilience.

Ellen Walsh, Practice Leader at Grant Thornton’s Gatwick Office and Rob Turner, also from Grant Thornton, will be joined by a panel of organisations and will also welcome comment from the floor.

Panel: Maureen Scholefield, Cullen Scholefield, Faye Bargery, Irwin Mitchell, Julie Kapsalis, Vice-Principal, Chichester College, Robert Pickles, Head of Corporate & Government Affairs, Canon UK & Ireland

11.50 Response from the town hall  

Louise Goldsmith, Leader, West Sussex County Council; John Furey, Deputy Leader, Surrey County Council; Cllr Eddy Humphreys, Executive Member for Economy & Jobs, Reigate & Banstead Council

A panel of local politicians respond to the material heard during the morning.

12.30 The Big Debate – Better together?

The speakers, and the audience, join in a session of question, answer, suggestion and proposal, to see how we can all take what we have heard during the sessions, and work together to build a better Gatwick Diamond economy.

1pm Close, lunch, networking

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