Programme 2016

Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum 2016

June 9, 2016

Growing our Digital Economy


9 – 11 – Part One – Infrastructure and Connections

9am – Welcome from the ChairDaryl Gayler, RBS

9.10am Overview: growing the Gatwick Diamond Economy through focussing on the London to Brghton transport corridorAndy Rumfitt, AECOM. AECOM have done a great deal of research in to transport corridors around London, and how they can provide economic growth at the same time as delivering improved quality of life. What are the opportunities for the London to Brighton corridor running through the Gatwick Diamond?

9.30am Keynote: Gatwick Airport: realising its economic value. Stewart Wingate, Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Airport is one of the key assets for the Diamond. It provides direct and indirect employment for many thousands of people, and delivers the international connections that make the region attractive to many as a business location. What further growth can be driven by the airport economy?

10.15 The Office: The Future Emma Goodford, Knight Frank, Mike Axon, Vectos
We take a look at the employment space landscape around the Gatwick Diamond, and
examine where demand could and should lead to investment and development.

10.35 am Keynote: Investment Surinder Arora, Arora Group – the Arora Group are a key investor, and large employer, in the Gatwick Diamond. Founder and Chairman Surinder Arora will explain why he has invested in the region, and outline some of the future palns for the group. Coffee

11.30 – 1 – Part two – Growing our Digital Economy

We have a strong and growing digital economy here in the Gatwick Diamond, and it will be crucial for our future growth, as digital capability is increasingly important for all sectors of the economy – why would a multinational choose to locate in a place lacking in digital skills or infrastructure?

Digital technologies are a vital growth enabler which have huge scope to impact on other sectors in the economy. The competitiveness of sectors such as digital media, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defence, and business and professional services can all be advanced through investment in, and exploitation of, digital technologies.

We will examine what opportunities we can take, and what obstacles we will need to negotiate in the areas of physical infrastructure, skills and the talent pool.

11.30am Digital business for the wider economy

Digital capability and infrastructure are essential for almost all businesses in the 21st century. The Gatwick Diamond’s ability to adopt and manage new technologies will affect all sectors of the economy. What opportunities are created by this change and what do we need to do to ensure that our businesses are able to access the resources they need?

Chair: Jeff Alexander, Gatwick Diamond Initative.

Panel: Abhi Chacko, Head of IT commercial department, Gatwick Airport; Mark Heholt, Head of Skills, Tech Partnership


12.15pm The Digital Supply Chain

Our local digital supply chain is strong and capable, but we need to make sure it stays that way. What are the obstacles to its growth, and how can we remove them to allow them to create new jobs, and deliver better products and services in the Gatwick Diamond, and worldwide.

Chair: Jeff Alexander, Gatwick Diamond Initiative. Panel: Sam Garrity, Rocketmill; Steve Hearsum, Roffey Park Institute; Professor Diane Mynors, Sussex University; Simon Pringle, Red River Software

These two sessions will be followed by Q&A, and a moderated debate.

1pm Lunch, and networking