Programme 2018

2018 event – Arora Hotel Crawley

The Gatwick Diamond is one of the key regional economies in the UK. It is growing, and thriving, but we need to keep it that way. Other parts of the UK, and Europe, are always looking to challenge, and with economic threats such as Brexit around, we need to make sure we are pushing for growth as hard as we can.

Last year, we looked at some Centre for Cities research that revealed our performance in the knowledge economoy was lipping behind others. From a position of some strength in the 1990s, we are now growing slower in Knowledge Based business services than the Thames Valley – and indeed than the UK average.

The Gatwick Diamond sees considerable potential in digital technology, professional and business services, and medical technology for growth, which could reverse that unwanted statistic. How can we make sure we will harness the potential, and realise the growth? How can we hold on to our talented young people? What role will automation play and how can we benefit?

As well as hearing from Gatwick Airport, our key economic driver, we will also learn from our key growth sectors. We will hear from the education sector about what skills are needed, and how we can deliver them.

In a time of talent shortages, productivity will be key to regional success. How can we make ours better than the rest?

Outline Programme:

  • Keynote – where are we now? A picture of our current situation.
  • Gatwick’s role in growth
  • Panel: How do we enable growth? Using our key sectors – Digital Tech, Professional and Business Services, Medical Technology
  • Panel: How will we deliver the skills?
  • The annual Gatwick Diamong Economic Debate

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