Homes challenge

Even without a second runway at Gatwick, there is a housing problem in the Gatwick Diamond.

Recent figures from the Government on household formation suggest that rate of growth of the number of households in the Gatwick Diamond, and a key determinant of the number of new homes required, will outstrip the average for the country by some distance.

Households are expected to grow from 321,000 to 416,000 by 2039, a 30% increase, substantially above the 23% expected for England.

And it’s not even – Crawley is expected to add 15,000 on its own – a rise of 34%. Reigate and Banstead is also expected to grow by 34%. Mole Valley is “only” expected to grow by 22%, the lowest in the Diamond region.

This will bring further pressure to bear on the housing market, and of course on all that is affected by that, including road and rail infrastructure. It will be important not just to deliver the homes required – and more if Gatwick is allowed to expand – but also to make sure that the people that live in them can get to where they work and home again.