CEO of London Gatwick Airport confirms as Keynote Speaker

Stewart Wingate CEO Gatwick AirportStewart Wingate, the CEO of London Gatwick Airport has confirmed as a Keynote Speaker at the Gatwick Diamond Economic Forum.

Stewart will talk about his hopes for deregulation of the airport, his plans to increase capacity from 34million passengers per annum to 38million by 2020, and his long term proposals following the 2019 safeguarding agreement.

  • Will Gatwick propose a three airport, two runway each proposal as we saw in Stewart’s tweet earlier in the year? (two runways at Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick)
  • Will Gatwick propose a different physical arrangement of a second runway as outlined in the MasterPlan of 2012?
  • What does deregulation mean to the customer experience?

See the full programme, or book your place now!


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