What will aviation growth mean to the Gatwick Diamond economy?

The Gatwick Diamond Eonomic Growth Forum is a new, independent forum event which will take place on May 23, 2013 in Crawley, at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond economic area.

It will bring the public and private sector together to consider the economic opportunities for the region which may be realised through aviation growth. We believe that it is critical that an independent and impartial consideration of the economic benefits of aviation growth takes place so that an informed response to the Davies Commission can be made.

Delegates will hear from speakers of considerable stature and expertise from the public and private sector on the Airport, infrastructure, the region’s surface transport networks, growth sectors, and skills all focussed – in short, all the building blocks of our future economy.

The event is being organised by Chart Lane, who are experienced in organising events in the economic development arena. It is backed by the Gatwick Diamond initiative, and the Gatwick Diamond Business association, and has the support of the local authorities in the area. It has already attracted commercial support from Land Securities, ASB Law, and KPMG as well as the University and Further Education sector.

The event is set to be a crucial moment in the region’s economic future. Now is a time of great opportunity and threat. The Gatwick Diamond Economic Growth Forum will allow us all to work together to make sure we build the best future for the region.

Further information: Ross Sturley, Chart Lane, 01293 853285, ross@chartlane.co.uk

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